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Statement at the UNSC Briefing on Article 100

Thank you President, and I would like to thank the Under-Secretary General for his very useful briefing today.


President, we welcome Ukraine’s invitation for the UN secretariat to visit Ukraine to inspect recovered UAVs, with regards to the implementation of Resolution 2231 by parties, and expect the Secretariat to keep the Council informed, as appropriate, on this matter.


We see this request by a State with legitimate concerns regarding the implementation of Resolution 2231 as fully in keeping with both the UN Charter and the terms of Resolution 2231 and Note 44.


Note 44 clearly sets out that the Secretary-General should report on the implementation of Resolution 2231 every six months, and for the Council, in 2231-format, to review his findings and recommendations. The necessary technical investigations that the Secretariat conducts are an integral part of preparing these findings. No further decision by the Council is necessary in this regard.


The Secretary-General’s reports play an essential role in assisting the Council in its mandated task to monitor the implementation of the resolution, and to take action, as appropriate, to improve the implementation by Member States of the Resolution.



President, with regards to Article 100 of the UN Charter, unfortunately, it is Russia that is seeking to influence the Secretary-General and staff in the discharge of their responsibilities, including through this meeting. It is clear that the Secretariat is acting in good faith on the instructions that the Council has given it. If these instructions are to change, this must be agreed by the Council, in line with Note 44, and cannot be dictated by any one member.


I hope that Russia will cooperate, as necessary, with the Secretariat in the conduct of its work, and provide any information required to clarify these issues regarding the implementation of resolution 2231.

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