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Statement at the UNSC Briefing on DPRK

Thank you President, and thank you Rosemary, USG DiCarlo, for your briefing.


Ireland once again condemns the DPRK’s latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch, which landed within Japan’s exclusive economic zone.


 This launch not only violates Council Resolutions, it also threatens the safety and security of people in the region. We are particularly conscious of the ongoing impact on the Republic of Korea and Japan.


In Resolution 2397, the Council decided it would act in response to any further ICBM launches by the DPRK. We have now had eight such launches by the DPRK this year alone.

It is a matter of deepest concern that each of these launches have gone without any Council response.  Statements have been blocked, and a proportionate and balanced Resolution vetoed, by two members.


Council silence in the face of more than 60 ballistic missile launches this year sends a worrying message to the countries of the region, and a very dangerous one to the DPRK.


 It suggests that Council is unwilling, or unable, to uphold its own Resolutions, and that the DPRK can act with impunity.


This cannot stand.


Let us be clear. The DPRK, through its actions and rhetoric, is solely responsible, solely responsible for raising tensions.


The DPRK alone has rejected dialogue and negotiation.  It has refused the repeated and unfaltering offers of talks from the US and The Republic of Korea.

The DPRK has rejected its obligations under the UN Charter, stating that it will not abide by Security Council Resolutions.


The DPRK has sought to establish itself as a nuclear power, following its stated intention of developing tactical nuclear weapons. It threatens a seventh nuclear test in contravention of Council Resolutions.


The DPRK has worsened the situation of its own people. It diverts resources from legitimate humanitarian needs, to illegal military nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.  It has blocked international humanitarian assistance, including COVID vaccines.


It is time for the Council to send a clear signal that this is unacceptable and must end.


The DPRK’s actions are a flagrant violation of the decisions and the authority of this Council. We call on the DPRK to engage in genuine dialogue, and to respect its obligations under Council Resolutions.


 This Council must be clear that the DPRK must completely, verifiably and irreversibly end its illegal nuclear and ballistic missile programmes, return to the Non-Proliferation Treaty and IAEA safeguards obligations.


It must adhere to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, without delay.  The DPRK can never and will never be accepted as a nuclear weapon state.


It is the DPRK’s rhetoric and actions that create an ever-worsening problem. This Council must now, finally, be clear in its response, before it is too late.

Thank you Mr. President

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