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Statement at the UNSC Briefing on the DPRK

I would like to thank ASG Khairi for your very useful briefing.


President, Ireland strongly condemns the DPRK’s eight missile launches over the past two weeks. We remain deeply concerned that for 15 months, the DPRK has conducted missile launches of unprecedented intensity and diversity.


The most recent launch, on 4 October, overflying Japan, demonstrated the dangerous and reckless path DPRK is following - with serious potential risk to maritime and air traffic, as well its neighbours.


At the same time, the DPRK has also continued its illegal nuclear activities at Yongbyon, and preparations towards a possible nuclear test.

These actions are clear violations of Security Council Resolutions and a flagrant challenge to the decisions and authority of this Council.


They have been accompanied by threats against neighbours, and a stated aim to develop tactical nuclear weapons, that are calculated to escalate tensions and confrontation in the region, and beyond.


Over this period, Council has been forced to remain silent.  This has included the veto, by two of its members, of a Council Resolution in May. Council must live up to its responsibilities.[We, therefore, support the proposed Press Statement, as a necessary response to the DPRK’s actions.]


Equally, we must continue to ensure that Security Council Resolutions - including sanctions - are fully and effectively enforced.


Let us be clear, it is the DPRK’s actions alone that have raised tensions.  It is for the DPRK to act to ease the situation.

The DPRK must meet its obligations under Council Resolutions. It must abandon its ballistic missile and its nuclear programmes, in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner. 


DPRK cannot, and will not, be accepted as a nuclear weapon state. It must return to compliance with the NPT, as well as IAEA Safeguards, and adhere to the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty.


The DPRK should accept that dialogue and diplomacy are the only path to peace, stability and security on the Korean Peninsula. We urge the DPRK to consider its responsibilities to its own people, and to the international community, and to engage meaningfully, and without preconditions, with US and South Korean offers of talks.


At the same time, Council must meet its obligations, and uphold its own Resolutions, and respond in a unified and determined way to the DPRK’s actions.

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