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Statement at the UNSC Briefing on Ukraine

Thank you, Mr President, and at the outset may I also join with other colleagues in conveying our deepest condolences to Ambassador Woodward, her team, and indeed the British people on the passing of  Queen Elizabeth. We in Ireland recall with particular affection her State visit to Ireland in 2011, the first by a serving British monarch since independence. That visit not only helped to consolidate and cement the Northern Ireland peace process, but also affirmed the close bonds of friendship and affection between our two peoples and two islands. It was a moment of genuine healing and reconciliation, and we thank her for that. May she Rest in Peace. 


Mr President, I would like to thank USG Nakamitsu for her briefing, and we note also the presence of Ms Trifovic {TRIF-KOVITCH}.


Ireland believes in and is fully committed to the core principles enshrined in the UN Charter. These include the sovereign equality and territorial integrity of States.


Ukraine has the same fundamental right as every other sovereign and independent State to choose its own foreign policy and to ensure the security and defence of its own territory.


As the Secretary-General has said, the principles of the Charter are not an “a la carte menu”. Article 2, paragraph (4) applies to all UN members just as Article 51 does. There are no exceptions and there is no waiving of these principles.


Let us not forget that in the weeks leading up to Russia’s illegal and unjustifiable further invasion of Ukraine last February, Ukraine showed remarkable restraint in the face of Russia’s military build‑up at its border and in the face of  its provocative propaganda.


 The decision by Russia to recognise as independent entities the non-government controlled areas of the Donestk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine, has not changed those borders one iota. They did not change in 2014, and they have not changed since.



Mr President,


Ukraine did not commit or threaten to commit an armed attack again Russia. It was Russia which attacked Ukraine and it was Russia which sought to justify its invasion by invoking Article 51 of the UN Charter. It is Russia which would now seek to deny to a fellow UN member state that same right of self‑defence. 


 Contrary to some claims there is no credible evidence of diversion and no indication that exports are taking place, other than in accordance with national laws and international procedure.  This includes military support provided by the European Union to help Ukraine exercise its inherent right of self-defence and defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty.  


 We would ask that Russia stop trying to use the Security Council as a platform for its disinformation campaign, to paint itself as the victim of its own aggression, in the face of the heinous actions it has committed in Ukraine.


 Once again, we call on Russia to desist.


 Thank you.

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