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Statement at the UNSC Briefing on Ukraine (Black Sea Grain Initiative)

Thank you, President. Thanks also to Under Secretary-General Griffiths and Secretary-General Grynspan for your briefings.


Ireland deeply regrets the decision by the Russian Federation to suspend its involvement in the Black Sea Grain Initiative.


This deal is vital for ensuring the export of much needed grain and fertilisers to address the global food crisis exacerbated by Russia’s war against Ukraine. In the words of the UN Secretary-General, this agreement is a ray of hope in a world darkened by global crises. Its continued implementation could not be more urgent.


In turning its back on this deal, Russia could exacerbate the situation for millions of people across the world already at risk of starvation.


That Russia would suspend its participation as winter sets in is particularly cynical, with many millions facing the all too real possibility of being plunged into acute food insecurity as a result. As always, it is the most vulnerable who will pay the highest price.


We urge Russia to reconsider this decision and to immediately resume its participation in this life-saving initiative, to enable food to reach those who need it most.


Mr President,


The Black Sea Grain Initiative should continue to play an important role in alleviating global food insecurity in the months ahead.


Concerted action is needed to ensure that the grain sitting in Ukrainian silos can continue to be exported through its Black Sea ports and onward to markets to reach populations in desperate need. In places already devastated by hunger such as Somalia, Ethiopia, Yemen and Lebanon.


Therefore, Ireland strongly supports the renewal of the Black Sea Grain Initiative next month. We urge all sides to engage in good faith, to bring about the renewal of the deal, and thereby continue to improve the access to food for millions of people across the globe.


To this end, Ireland fully supports the work of the UN Secretary General to find a solution to this most pressing crisis.


We are confident that, just as they did when they agreed the deal in July, the sides can come together once more, in a spirit of dialogue, to overcome any remaining obstacles and save this life-sustaining initiative from the brink.


Thank you.


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