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Statement By Ambassador Byrne Nason at UNSC Briefing by the Chair of the 1540 Committee

I would like to thank you, Ambassador de la Fuente (Juan), for your briefing on the work of the 1540 Committee. I would like to assure you and your team of our full support in the demanding task that lies ahead of you. 


Ireland attaches great value to the work of the 1540 Committee.  Any threat or use of weapons of mass destruction is quite simply abhorrent.  The full implementation of Resolution 1540 will ensure that Non-State Actors are prevented from acquiring and using WMD.  1540 forms an essential part of the global non-proliferation architecture in this regard. We encourage States to continue to take seriously their responsibilities under this Resolution. 


This year, much of our focus will be on the Comprehensive Review of work under 1540. The Review provides an opportunity for us to reinforce our collective resolve to advance our work under 1540.


We thank Ambassador Dian Djani and his team, for the work carried out last year. The restrictions caused by the COVID pandemic have meant that much of the work still needs to be completed.


Ireland sees monitoring, assistance and outreach as vital to the Committee’s fulfilment of its mandate. Through its monitoring, outreach and assistance work, the Committee can help States to identify any gaps and vulnerabilities in regulations and national control frameworks. It can also help with areas where assistance may be required. We hope to see this work further strengthened under this Review.


International and regional organisations, civil society, including academia and the private sector, also have an important contribution to make.  The Committee should be open to all views and experiences to ensure the best outcome for the Review. 


It is also important, in our view, to maintain continued cooperation between this Committee and the 1267 and the 1373 Committees. 


However, while the Comprehensive Review is a key part of the Committee’s work this year, it is also vital that the regular work of the Committee continues in parallel. 


Council will need to decide on the rollover of the Committee’s mandate over the coming month.  It is important, given the continuing uncertainties caused by COVID that we give ourselves time and flexibility to complete the Review in the best way possible.  For this reason, we see a timeline to April 2022 as the most suitable option.


Finally Mr President, we hope that the Committee can quickly finalise its programme of work, so we can get down to business.

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