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Elected member of the UN Security Council 2021-2022

Ireland has been elected to the United Nations Security Council and will now take a seat for the 2021 and 2022 term.

Ireland campaigned on the themes of Partnership, Empathy and Independence as the key attributes that our country brings to its engagement with the UN and which will drive our work on the Security Council. 

Since joining the United Nations in December 1955, Ireland has previously served on the UN Security Council three times: 1962, 1981-82, 2001-200. 

Ambassador Byrne Nason noted that Ireland’s election to the UN Security Council demonstrates that the UN’s member states have “decided that the principles and values that we based our campaign upon are those that are shared by the General Assembly. We take this responsibility incredibly seriously.”

Ireland plans to work for the most vulnerable trapped in conflict as an elected member of the Council. As the longest consecutive contributing country to UN Peacekeeping, we will bring our seasoned experience, coupled with our background working as a bridge-builder in multilateral institutions, to make our two years as effective as possible.

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