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Women in Peacebuilding

Ireland has been a strong advocate of implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 and the subsequent set of associated resolutions. Resolution 1325, adopted in 2000 was the first Resolution adopted by the Security Council focussing on the specific impact of conflict on women, and the potential of women to act as agents of change and play a key role in ending conflict and building peace.

Recognising that conflict affects women and men in different ways, 1325 calls for increased participation of women in peacebuilding. It also notes the necessity of greater protection for women and girls in armed conflict and for a gender perspective to be incorporated into peacekeeping and peacebuilding. At the UN and elsewhere, Ireland is working hard to ensure greater international implementation of this resolution, with particular reference to the strengthening of women's participation and leadership.

This Resolution is deeply important to Ireland, as women peacebuilders played an important role in bringing about peace on the island of Ireland. Monica McWilliams and Avila Kilmurray of the Women's Coalition were deeply involved in negotiation the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, the touchstone of the peace process in Northern Ireland. They introduced and secured language on victims, reconciliation, mixed housing and integrated schooling in the agreement.

All evidence indicates that the inclusion of women in peace processes increases the likelihood of a lasting and sustainable peace; nonetheless the levels of women participating at the peace table globally remains incredibly low. Ireland is committed to changing this fact through sharing its experience and advocating for women.

Ireland has supported Resolution 1325 by increasing our financial support to agencies implementing its objectives, particularly UN Women. Ireland was a founding donor of the Women's Peace and Humanitarian Fund, which supports the work of grassroots women peacebuilders in Burundi, Colombia, Iraq, Jordan, Mali and the Pacific Islands. The Fund is represented by its Global Advocate, actress Kristen Bell. We have also contributed significant funding to the UN Trust Fund to end Violence against Women, managed by UN Women.

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