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Consul General David Costello

Consul General Costello became Ireland’s second Consul General of Ireland to Hong Kong & Macau in August 2018

  • Message from Consul General David Costello
  • Consul General's Biography

Message from Consul General David Costello

Message from Consul General David Costello

Céad Míle Fáilte is the Irish greeting which literally translates as one hundred thousand welcomes.  It signifies the warm welcome that visitors feel when they visit Ireland.  Now that there is a direct flight from Hong Kong to Dublin with Cathay Pacific more and more people from this region have the opportunity to visit Ireland and feel at first hand the warm welcome themselves.

The flight also opens opportunities for Irish people to visit this part of the world and in coming to Hong Kong, they will experience a diverse, warm and welcoming culture.  As well as engaging with Chinese and Asian cultures, the many Irish tourists will also find a rich history and legacy from the waves of Irish that have come to Hong Kong in the past. 

A priority for the Consulate is to provide world-class services to our citizens in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as tourist to the region.  Specifically, we are keen to engage closely with our diaspora on a wide range of issues, including supporting community and cultural activities.  We are also delighted to work also with people of Irish heritage, Hong Kong people who have lived in Ireland or been educated in Ireland and friends of Ireland from the international community. 

As a hub for world trade and finance, Hong Kong is already an important market for Irish goods and services, notably in the areas of food and beverages, financial services, FinTech, and education, with tremendous potential for further growth. 

Team Ireland in China is led by Ambassador Eoin O’Leary in the Embassy of Ireland in Beijing, working closely with our Government Promotion Agencies, namely Bord Bia – The Irish Food Board, Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and Tourism Ireland.  It is a great honour for me to serve as Ireland’s Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau, and to work with our Team Ireland Agencies and our local stakeholders to enhance bilateral relations between Ireland and this Region.

Ireland and Hong Kong have much in common.  To adapt the Cantonese phrase “dou jai geu daaih syuk” (use little knife to saw down trees), with a little effort there is much we can do together to strengthen this relationship.

總領事David Costello致辭

Céad Míle Fáilte是愛爾蘭問候語,原意即「十萬個歡迎」。這標誌著遊客到訪愛爾蘭時將會感受到的熱烈歡迎。早前,國泰航空已有直達航班來往香港及都柏林,更多港人也能藉這機會感受愛爾蘭人的熱情及好客。國泰航空的直達航班也拓展了愛爾蘭人民訪問另一半球的機會。他們能夠體驗香港多元、溫暖熱情及好客的文化。愛爾蘭遊客除了可以感受中華及亞洲文化以外,還能體驗愛爾蘭人民在香港留下的歷史和遺產。


Eoin O'Leary大使在愛爾蘭駐北京大使館領導著愛爾蘭團隊,與政府促進機構Bord Bia愛爾蘭食品委員會、愛爾蘭企業,愛爾蘭IDA和愛爾蘭旅遊局密切合作。我非常榮幸能夠擔任愛爾蘭駐香港和澳門總領事,並與愛爾蘭團隊和當地利益相關者合作,加強愛爾蘭與本地的雙邊關係。愛爾蘭和香港有許多共同之處。為了適應粵語短語「刀仔鋸大樹」,只需要付出一點努力,我相信我們就可以加強雙邊關係。


Consul General's Biography

Consul General's Biography

David Costello was appointed Consul General of Ireland to Hong Kong & Macau on 6 August 2018.

He joined the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in July 2008.  Previously served in three Irish Government Departments:

  • Department of Environment, Heritage & Local Government (1994–2008), his last role being Director for Social Housing Construction; and
  • Department of Social Welfare from 1985–1994, with a short period [1990–1991] in Roinn na Gaeltachta (the Government Department responsible for advancing the use of the Irish language).

In the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, he has served as:

  • Director for Reconciliation in Ireland [2008–2010]
  • Deputy Head of Mission [2010–2014] in Embassy of Ireland, Bucharest
  • Deputy Head of Mission [2014–2018] in Embassy of Ireland, Mexico City 

He holds an MBS in Human Resources Strategy from Dublin City University and was an Associate Lecturer with the National College of Ireland [1994-2010].

David Costello 於二零一八年八月六日被任命為愛爾蘭駐香港及澳門總領事。


  • 環境丶古蹟及當地政府總部(1994-2008)房屋及工程部部長
  • 社會福利署(1985-1994),其中由一九九零年至一九九一年主要在部門內負責推動國民使用愛爾蘭語


  •  愛爾蘭對帳調解主任(2008–2010)
  •  愛爾蘭使領館館長駐布加勒斯特(2010–2014)
  •  愛爾蘭使領館館長駐墨西哥城(2014–2018)