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Please be advised that the Consulate General of Ireland, São Paulo website has moved and this page is no longer being updated. The Consulate website is now available at Ireland.ie/saopaulo.

Lost or Stolen Passports

With a view to preventing identity theft and the circulation of falsified passports, there are additional safeguards for the passport application procedure for those adults seeking to replace a lost or stolen passport. From 17 January 2011, adult applicants in this category are required to submit the following additional evidence in support of their passport application:

  • A completed and suitably witnessed passport application form and our photographs, (two of which must have the application form number written on the reverse and signed by an approved witness);
  • The Passport Service reserves the right to contact witnesses as required. Passport applicants should therefore note that where it is not possible to make contact with those witnessing applications, then it is likely that the application will be rejected.
  • The long form birth certificate of the applicant and a civil marriage certificate, if appropriate, and evidence of entitlement to Irish citizenship, where applicable;
  • Additional form of photo-identification; e.g. certified copy of a drivers licence, work ID; student card, social club membership; passport from other country etc.;
  • Documentary evidence to show use of name, e.g. payslips; records of unemployment or disability payment; bank statement; college registration etc.; and
  • Evidence of residency at the application address, e.g. utility bills; official correspondence from public or private sector etc.

The above-mentioned should be submitted in original format.

In addition, applicants may also be required to provide further information and/or attend for interview at one of the Department's offices.

It should be noted that it will not be possible to expedite any application in these categories.

Emergency travel while on holiday in Brazil

If your passport is lost or stolen while you are on holiday in Brazil, and you are currently in our Consular Area you should contact the Consulate General to make arrangements for an alternative travel document.

Minimum requirements to apply for an Emergency Travel Document.

  • A completed and suitably witnessed passport application form and four photographs (two of which must have the application form number written on the reverse and be signed by an approved witness);
  • A written police report confirming the loss/theft/damage of passport. In all cases, Section 6 must be witnessed and stamped by the same person that witnesses Section 9 of the form;
  • Evidence of your identity/citizenship. If you do not have alternative photo ID with you in Brazil, you will need to ask somebody to bring your original long form birth certificate (and civil marriage certificate in the case of a married woman whose passport name is in her married surname), or an old cancelled passport, to the Passport Office in Dublin or Cork so that they can send a copy of it to the Consulate General;
  • The relevant fee;
  • Proof of your return flight to your country of residence;
  • Confirmation of accommodation booked;
  • Depending on your situation, we may require additional evidence in support of your application including proof of name and address

Fees for Emergency Travel Documents:

Document Type Reais Euro
Emergency Travel Certificate - Single journey only R$ 105.00 € 30.00
Out of Hours fee - Applies to documents provided outside of normal working hours. The fee is in addition to the passport fee. R$ 280.00 € 80.00
Adult Temporary Passport R$ 385.00 € 110.00
Children Temporary Passport R$ 193.00 € 55.00

Please bear in mind this service is not available outside of office hours except in case of emergency. Given the distances between cities and regions in Brazil, it generally takes at least 5 working days to obtain an emergency travel document if it is provided by post. You may need to arrange a new flight to allow you time to obtain this travel document.