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First time adult applicants

Adults applying for their first Irish passport must submit the following documentation to support their application:

  • All of the standard documentation.
  • Your original long-form birth certificate.
  • Your original civil marriage certificate if you've changed your surname by marriage.
  • If these documents are not in English, Irish or French, you must also submit a certified English version of the originals, translated by a registered translator.
  • A certified copy of your photo identification such as your driver's licence, your passport from another country, or your college identification card. The person who witnesses your application form can do this – they should confirm that they have seen the original.
  • An original document showing proof of your name, such as a pay slip, college registration correspondence or social welfare receipt.
  • An original document showing proof of your address, such as a utility bill, bank statement or official correspondence from a public or private sector organisation.
  • If you were born outside Ireland, proof of your Irish citizenship