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The Embassy

  • Embassy Team
  • Directions
  • Opening Hours
  • Closure Dates

Embassy Team


Directions to the embassy including a google map. 

Opening Hours

The public office of the Embassy is open from 9am to 1pm daily, Monday to Friday.

Closure Dates

Embassy of Ireland Argentina Closure Dates 2023:                                     

Monday February 20th

Tuesday February 21st

Friday March 24th

Friday April 7th

Monday May 1st

Thursday May 25th

Friday May 26th

Monday June 19th

Tuesday June 20th

Monday August 21st

Friday October 13th

Monday October 16th

Monday November 20th

Friday  December 8th

Monday December 25th

For genuine emergencies involving Irish citizens, which cannot wait until the next working day, please call +54 9 11 5945 7483.