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Just Arrived?

We have put together some advice for those who have moved or are planning move to Argentina or another country in the region.

National Congress Building, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Living and Working in Argentina

These days most Irish emigrants arrive and settle in the city of Buenos Aires. Historically, Irish people settled both in the city and in the Pampas. Today you will find most of their descendants across Buenos Aires city and province, and in the provinces of Entre Rios, Cordoba and La Pampa.

In Chile, the Irish community is concentrated in Santiago.

Before leaving Ireland please consult our current travel advice for the country you are travelling to and check that you have:

  • Valid passport
  • Long Form Birth Certificate (with the Hague Apostille stamped on it by the Consular Section of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Dublin, to prove its authenticity)
  • Adequate funds to maintain you while you establish yourself
  • Private insurance

The Embassy recommends that you ensure your passport is up to date and shows next-of-kin details on the back of your passport. You should also keep your family informed of your address and contact details at all times.

We recommend that you always carry some proof of identity. Official photographic ID is often required for credit/debit card payments.

We recommend that Irish citizens travelling or living abroad register their contact details with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The information will allow us to contact you, and provide assistance, if necessary and possible, if there is an unforeseen crisis such as a natural disaster or civil unrest, or if you have a family emergency while you are overseas.

If coming to Argentina, we also suggest that you sign up to the Embassy mailing list on arrival. We can let you know of upcoming events which can be a good way of meeting people and making contacts.