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Statement from Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

RASFF 2018.2152 Infant Formula - Salmonella Incident in France

Irish infant formula is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and food safety. It fully meets the standards required by European Union and Chinese food safety authorities.

The Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is aware of recent reports relating to a number of cases of salmonellosis in infants in France. Any such reports are taken very seriously indeed by Ireland’s food safety authorities.

It is clear that there is no evidence whatsoever of any causal connection between cases of salmonella in France and infant formula manufactured in Ireland. The position in relation to these cases is as follows:

  • French Food Safety Authorities have tested infant formula consumed by the affected infants. These samples tested negative for salmonella.
  • As an additional check, French Authorities tested  isolates from the infants that were ill, to determine if the salmonella serotypes in different cases were the same.  The French food Safety Authorities  have confirmed that the salmonella serotypes in these cases were not the same. 
  • The source of the infection in these cases is not the same, and is not connected to Irish infant formula.
  • In addition, the Irish authorities conducted a full review of all microbiological testing, results and systems checks at the Irish enterprise where the formula was manufactured. The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, can confirm that there have been no findings of salmonella at the plant concerned.

The French Authorities have now written a Follow-Up Notification to the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed system to update it and no further investigations are being carried out in France, as they consider the matter closed.

The Irish food safety authorities continue to implement a rigorous control programme at all Infant Formula manufacturers in Ireland and can assure the Chinese authorities of the safety of all products produced and exported to China.







  • 法国食品安全部门已对染病婴儿所食用婴幼儿配方奶粉进行检测,沙门氏菌检测结果均为阴性。
  • 作为补充检查, 法国食品安全部门对生病婴儿进行了分离菌检测, 以确定不同病例中的沙门氏菌血清型是否相同。 法国食品安全部门已确认,这些病例中的沙门氏菌血清型并非同一类型。
  • 已上报感染案例的感染源并不相同,且与爱尔兰婴幼儿配方奶粉无关。
  • 此外,爱尔兰政府已对所有爱尔兰配方奶粉生产厂家进行了全方位微生物检测及系统检测。爱尔兰农业、食品和海事部在此确认,并未在任何爱尔兰配方奶粉生产厂家发现沙门氏菌。




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