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Ambassador Harrington meets Speaker of the Sabor (Parliament) Mr Josip Leko

Ambassador Harrington met the Speaker of the Sabor (Parliament) Mr Josip Leko to discuss co-operation between Ireland and Croatia and relations between the Dáil (Irish Parliament) and the Sabor. The Ambassador also received a tour of the Sabor.

Speaker Leko emphasised the good relations between Ireland and Croatia, say that "a very strong friendship exists between Ireland and the Republic of Croatia". Recalling Croatia's accession to the EU in 2013, the Speaker thanked Ireland for its assistance in this process - which included political support, knowledge transfer and financial assistance.

The Speaker noted the existence of a Croatian-Irish Inter Parliamentary Friendship Group in the Sabor. This Group has members from across the political groupings in the Sabor. The Speaker hoped for close co-operation between the Dáil (Irish Parliament) and the Sabor. in this context he hoped that the opening of a resident Embassy in Zagreb would facilitate closer contacts. Ambassador Harrington agreed on the important of inter-parliamentary co-operation.

Ambassador Harrington told the Speaker that he was particularly keen to work closely with Croatia on EU related issues. The two countries were similar in size and population and had much in common. The Ambassador also emphasised the development of economic co-operation as a priority for his mandate in Croatia.