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Croatian Maritime training center calls on Irish expertise

The National Maritime College of Ireland and the Irish firm SEFtec contribute to Navis training center development.

Navis trainign centre pull up at Hotel Le Meridien Lav, 06.06.2016

On Monday, 6 June, Ambassador Tim Harrington attended the launch of a partnership between the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI), working with the Irish firm SEFtec (from Carrigaline, Co. Cork), and the Croatian company, Posada, to set-up, equip and provide training for the proposed Navis Training Centre (NTC) near Split.

The international safety maritime centre is planned to open at the end of 2018 in the Čaporice business zone outside Split. The 25,000 sq m2 NTC will be the only of its kind in  Eastern Europe and will cost €25m.

A presentation on the project took place at the Le Meredien Lav Hotel, Split. Present were Conor Mowlds, Head of College, NMCI, James O’Byrne, Sales Director, NMCI, Darren O'Sullivan, Director, SEFtec, and Sean Mowlds, SEFtec, along with Robert Blažinović, Head of Sector, Industrial and Investment, Ministry of Economy, the Mayor of Trilj, Ivan Šipić, and the Deputy County Prefect, Ante Šošić. Also present was Nenad Vrgoč from Posada, the main investor in the project.

The investment in the new NTC will provide training and certification for those working in the off-shore maritime industry. This will include innovative "know-how" solutions, space and equipment for safety at work, fire-fighting, offshore, and medical emergency training. NMCI and SEFtec will provide training for the operators in Cork and also on site in Split.

When built the NTC will service not just the Croatian market but also the wider European and International market for maritime safety training.

The maritime industry in Croatia is seeking both updated technology (such as the NMCI and SEFtec venture) and financial services (capital financing and insurance), This NMCI and SECtec co-operation presents an opportunity to raise awareness of Ireland's brand in Croatia.