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Please be advised that the Embassy of Ireland, India website has moved and this page is no longer being updated. The Visa Decision Reports are now available at

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Visa Processing Times

Visa processing times

The processing times below refer to the median, meaning some applications can take longer to process for various reasons. To avoid any unforeseen delays disrupting your travel plans, you should apply six to eight weeks in advance of your travel dates.
We do not seek flight bookings as part of any visa application. Flights booked before the receipt of a visa are done so at the applicant's risk, and cost if the visa does not issue in time.

Median processing times

04 October 2023

Processing times do not include the time it takes to secure a VFS appointment, nor the time it takes for the documents to reach us from VFS, or be reach VFS after approval (see VFS transit times). Please note that 'Working days' exclude Saturdays, Sundays and all office closure dates; listed under About Us.

Visa category Sub-category Median processing time (working days)
Business / Conference / Event   10
Critical skills permit 10
General / Other permit 35
Join family*   35
Study   25
Visit   25
Other*   25
Appeals (approx.)   40

* see Dublin-based processing.

Priority processing and contacting the visa office for a status update

30 April 2023
If there is a genuine medical emergency, you can request priority processing. Priority processing requests must include documentation from a Irish medical authority. Otherwise our office will delete any requests without response.
Applications are processed chronologically and in-line with the stated processing times below; unless natural or unexpected delays occur (see My application has gone over the stated processing time, what does this mean?).

How do I know if my visa is ready?

We upload visa decisions lists on a routine basis. See the Visa Decisions tab above for more information. After we make a decision we return your documents through VFS, postal services or via our Honorary Consulate in Sri Lanka.

My application has gone over the stated processing time, what does this mean?

Unforeseen delays can arise, which are outside the control of the visa office. Examples include biometrics or postal delays. If we cannot verify your documents we must conduct an in-depth review. If your application has exceeded the stated processing times, then it is likely under in-depth review. This process can take some weeks to complete.

Dublin-based processing

We forward some application categories to Visa Division in Dublin for processing. These include all applications to reside in Ireland under the following categories:
  • Family member of EU/EEA/Swiss cit. (de facto partner);
  • Family member of EU/EEA/Swiss cit. (other);
  • Family member of EU/EEA/Swiss cit. (spouse);
  • Join Family (Irish nat.)(de facto partner);
  • Join Family (de facto partner CSEP/HA) ;
  • Join Family (UK nat.);
  • Minister of Religion; and
  • Volunteer.
Processing times for these categories are available on the Irish Immigration Service website. If you have applied under one of these categories please send all queries to Visa Division in Dublin.

VFS transit times

Processing times begin once we receive the application at the Embassy. It can take a few days to reach us depending on what visa application centre (VAC) you used. Once we make a decision, it will take the same number of days to return to VFS.
The table below shows the number of days it takes for an application to reach the Embassy, from each VAC. Add these transit times to the visa processing time, to get an end-to-end processing time.
Visa application centre Transit time (working days)
Ahmedabad 2
Chandigarh 2
Chennai 2
Cochin 4 to 6
Hyderabad 2
Jalandhar 2
Kathmandu 4 to 6
Kolkata 2
Mumbai 2
New Delhi 1
Pune 2

Visa Decisions

Visa decisions

Every Tuesday evening and Friday morning a report detailing all visa decisions made during the reference period, by the New Delhi visa office, is posted below. Where an application is made through a VFS visa application centre (VAC), it will take a number of days for your documents to transit back the the VAC once a decision is made by the visa office. Further information on document transit times can be found under the Visa Processing Times tab above.

To search for your decision, open a report, press Ctrl + F and enter your eight digit visa application reference number. This information is hosted on behalf of the responsible authority, the Irish Immigration Service.

How to contact us

How to contact us

The visa office does not operate a public telephone line, nor do we operate a public office. All applications are lodged through VFS or by post, as outlined under Applying for an Irish Visa. If you have a query, please read the information on our website, or contact your nearest VFS Office.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can contact the visa office through our Contact us form. As noted under the Visa Processing Times tab, we do not reply to requests for application status updates, unless in the case of genuine emergencies. The outcome of all applications lodged to our office will be available under the Visa decisions tab above.