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  • Visa/Appeals Processing Times
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  • How to appeal a visa refusal?
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Visa/Appeals Processing Times

Visa processing times

The current processing times for visa applications from the date they are received in New Delhi are as follows:

Visa Category

Current Processing Time


10 working days


10 working days


3 -5 working days

Employment Critical skills & Atypical

7 working days

Employment - All other categories

10 working days

Join Family - accompanying a family member who holds a Critical Skills Employment permit

7 working days

Join Family - joining a family member already in Ireland who holds a Critical Skills Employment permit.

20 working days

Other categories

15 working days


15 working days

During peak times such as Summer and Christmas, the processing times may increase beyond the stated timeframes above, therefore you should submit your application well in advance of the travel date during peak season.

Join Family applications

All other Join Family Applications are transferred to the Dublin Visa Office and processed there. Applications are processed in accordance with the guidelines set out in the policy document on non-EEA Family Reunification:

Processing times for Join Family Applications processed in Dublin are as follows:

Join Family Applications

Processing Times

Sponsor is an Irish Citizen

Within 6 months of receipt of all required documentation

Sponsor is a person entitled to apply for immediate family reunification

Within 6 months receipt of all required documentation

All other Sponsors

Within 12 months of receipt of all required documentation


Within 6 months of receipt of the appeal application

These processing times reflect the detailed assessment required to be carried out in relation to applications for family reunification.  They do not constitute a legal obligation or convey any indication that an application not decided within the timeframe will, in default of a decision, be resolved in your favour.

Applications under EU Treaty Directive 2004/38/EC

These applications are processed in our Dublin office.

General advice on making your visa application

Please be aware of our processing times when making your visa application. 

We advise you NOT to pay for airline or other travel tickets without being issued with a visa.

If you have made an application and the date of travel has passed, you can email the Visa Office by clicking on contact the Visa Office with your new travel dates and including your visa reference number.

All applications are considered in order of the date of receipt in this Visa Office.  If you need to apply for a visa from another country as part of your trip, please allow sufficient time for all applications to be processed prior to your trip.  The Visa Office is not in a position to expedite applications.

Please ensure your application is fully completed and submitted in sufficient time for a decision to be made before your date of travel.   We strongly advise you to submit your application well in advance of the processing time.  

Click on VFS for information on VFS estimated delivery and collection dates to/from the Visa Office from their VACs in India and Nepal.  This information will allow you to more accurately estimate when your visa application will be received by the Visa Office and when your documents will be returned to you, once a decision is made.  Please note our visa processing timeframes begin from the date of receipt of the visa application from VFS and NOT the date the documentation is submitted at the Visa Application Centre (VAC).

Visa Decisions

Visa decisions

Every Tuesday evening and Friday morning a report detailing all visa decisions made during that period at the Irish Visa Office, New Delhi is posted to this page.

This information is hosted on behalf of the responsible authority, Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service. For any queries on a decision made by the Department of Justice and Equality Visa Office in New Delhi, please contact us.

Please use your unique online application number to search these reports for your decision:

How to appeal a visa refusal?

How to appeal a visa refusal?

If your application is refused, you will be informed of the reasons for this refusal with a letter and you may lodge an appeal. The letter outlining the refusal reasons will specify the address to which an appeal should be sent.

An appeal can be made within two months of receipt of the refusal notice, and must be made in writing - fax or email appeals will not be considered. Visa appeals must be submitted by post directly to the Visa Office in New Delhi (VFS will no longer accept appeals).

Sri Lankan nationals can either submit their appeals directly to the Consulate in Colombo with copies of their supporting documents of which originals must be shown to the Consulate, or they can post their appeals directly to the Embassy in New Delhi with copies of documents.  Passports should not be submitted to the New Delhi Visa Office with an appeal.  Only a colour copy of your passport should be submitted to the New Delhi Visa Office.  If your appeal has been successful, you will be requested to present your passport at the Consulate in Colombo for the visa sticker to be placed in it.

There is no charge for lodging an appeal.

The following should be done when lodging an appeal:

  • You should address each refusal reason in your appeal.
  • You should supply clear and relevant evidence in your appeal that will address any deficiencies in your initial application.
  • Any further information or documentation that you wish to have taken into account should also be included with your appeal letter.
  • On receipt of your appeal, the Appeals Officer will review the application, taking account of any additional information or documentation that you have supplied. Provision of additional material does not guarantee approval of the application on appeal.

On examination and review the original decision may be reversed. When a decision is made, you will be notified in writing.

How to contact us

How to contact us

The majority of queries can be answered by reading the information pages on this website or by contacting VFS. If you have a question that isn't answered on the website or by VFS you can email the Visa Office by clicking on, contact the Visa Office. Email queries sent between Monday and Friday are replied to within 3 working days.

N.B – Persons enquiring about visa matters should not contact the Ambassador’s Office or Consular Section of the Embassy of Ireland as they are not in a position to assist in these matters.

Please note we do not reply to status check requests on visa applications unless the visa application processing time has exceeded our visa processing time guidelines - latest visa decisions can be found on the Visa Decision page.

Note the Visa Office does not operate a public counter. Applicants should not come to the Embassy unless an appointment has been arranged.

Visa processing times, Visa decisions, Appealing a visa refusal, Contact Us

Please note that June, July and August are our peak months, we strongly advise visa applicants to submit their application well in advance of the recommended processing time. Whilst this office will try to minimise delays, it cannot be guaranteed that all applications will be processed on time as requested.