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Mission Closure Dates for 2021

The Embassy of Ireland to Italy will be closed on the following dates in the year 2021:

Friday, January 1     

New Year’s Day

Wednesday, January 6

Epiphany Day

Monday, 22 March

In lieu of St. Patrick’s Day (17 March)

Friday, 2 April

Good Friday

Monday, 5 April

Easter Monday

Monday, 3 May

In lieu of Labour Day (1 May) 

Wednesday, June 2

Republic Day 

Monday, 16 August

In lieu of Ferragosto (15 August)

Monday, 1 November  

All Saints’ Day

Monday, 27 December

In lieu of Christmas Day (25 December)

Tuesday, 28 December

In lieu of St Stephen’s Day (26 December)

Friday, 31 December

In lieu of Immaculate Conception Day (8 December)