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A celebration of WB Yeats 150th Anniversary, 'Everlasting Voices' Theatrical Performances

11/8/14***NO REPRO FEE*** Pictured is Contemporary dancer Megan Kennedy at the launch of the Theatre Production Everlasting Voices/ Guthunna Siorai which centres on the work of the three Irish Nobel Laureates Seamus Heaney, WB Yeats and Samuel Beckkett and is delivered through both Irish and English. Pic: Marc O'Sullivan

In tandem with celebrations in Ireland and worldwide, the 150th Anniversary of WB Yeats, will be marked in Japan with a 3-day Festival in Tokyo.

Venue: Tokyo's Theater X(Cai), Ryogoku.

Dates: Friday 12th to Sunday, 14th June.

The Yeats 150 Festival programme comprises:

'Everlasting Voices/Guthanna Síoraí', a Dramatized recitations, music and dance with the four-part Irish ensemble 'Everlasting Voices', who will weave a tale of childhood, courtship, marriage and old age through the songs and poetry of the four Irish Nobel Prize-winning writers, Yeats, Shaw, Beckett and Heaney. (Language: English/Irish)

Yeats' poetry set to contemporary Irish music: A world premiere of Yeats' poem "Song of Wandering Aengus" set to music by Tokyo-based Irish composer, Paul Hayes.

Japanese Noh actor, Testsunojo Kanze and Noh Director, Ken'ichi Kasai, will discuss 'Yeats and the Noh'. Their presentation will include a chant from Yeats' most famous Noh play, "At the Hawks Well", which was subsequently re-adapted for Noh, as 'Takahime'. (Language: Japanese)

A symposium on 'Yeats and Japan', organized by the Japan-Ireland Association and featuring a dramatic reading of Yeats' poem, "Deirdre", translated by Prof Seishi Matsuda, a Japan Premiere. (Language: Japanese)