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Embassy of Ireland Press Release, 24 February 2016 プレスリリース

Irish Ambassador invites everyone in Japan to “wear green” for exciting programme of St Patrick’s Day events during March 2016.

SPD becoming more popular in Japan

At a press conference today in Tokyo, Ireland’s Ambassador to Japan, H.E. Ms. Anne Barrington, launched an exciting programme of events which will take place around Japan throughout the month of March, marking Saint Patrick’s Day.

The Ambassador was joined at the press conference by the organisers of the I Love Ireland Festival 2016. The increasingly popular I Love Ireland Festival is an Irish cultural experience for all the family which will take place in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park on 20 March.

The I Love Ireland Festival 2016 press release is linked here:

The Ambassador was also joined by an Irish Network Japan (INJ) representative. The INJ is the organiser of the St Patrick’s Day Parades which will take place in 11 locations around Japan, from Chiba to Okinawa. The St Patrick’s Day Parade Tokyo, which is the largest in Japan and in Asia, will take place on Omotesando on Sunday, 20 March, the same day as the I Love Ireland Festival 2016. It will be very easy therefore for people to move from one event to the other.

Irish Network Japan press release is linked here:

The Embassy’s guide to all of the various St Patrick’s Day events around Japan in March and even April is here:

‘St Patrick’s Day is celebrated the world over - wherever there are Irish people or those with a love of Ireland. So I encourage everyone in Japan to join in the family fun and laughter, and raise a glass to community and international friendship!’ said Ambassador Barrington.

Ireland’s National Day, St Patrick’s Day, takes place on 17 March and is named after Ireland’s Patron Saint who introduced Christianity to Ireland in the 5th Century.

St Patrick’s Day has been celebrated in Ireland for nearly 1,200 years, and by Irish people and their friends all over the world, especially in the US, for more than 250 years. In New York, one of the largest St Patrick’s Day parades in the World will run along 5th Avenue on 17 March.

And now St Patrick’s Day is being warmly embraced by the people of Japan.

‘Wearing green is recommended but not compulsory’

Ireland’s national colour is green; reflecting our sense of national identity, our island’s lush green environment. All over the World, festival-goers will wear green to mark the day.

‘We invite everyone to attend a St Patrick’s Day event near you. Join a day of family fun and share with us a new and interesting Irish cultural experience’ urged the Ambassador. ‘And, if you can, don’t forget to wear something green!’






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