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Imeachtaí Lá le Phádraig san tSeapáin 2016

St. Patrick's Day in Japan: A hugely popular I Love Ireland Festival and myriad other events take place in Japan in March celebrating Saint Patrick's Day.

St. Patrick's Day in Japan

The Embassy is involved in promoting and supporting these. If you are Irish or a friend of Ireland, please join this great occasion to celebrate Ireland and all things Irish.

St. Patrick’s Day in Japan Guide 2016
セント・パトリックス・デーin Japanガイド2016
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You can see an update on all events at the Embassy's dedicated Facebook page:

駐日アイルランド大使館の「セント・パトリックス・デーin Japan Facebookページ」にて、イベント情報を発信しております。

NB Many of these events are organised by volunteers. If you have time and would like an opportunity to help out, see contacts below. 


Events list:

I Love Ireland Festival, Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, 20 March, 10am-6pm.


There are 10 parades around Japan, with flagship Tokyo Parade on Omotesando, 20 March, 1-2pm.

  • Chiba, 13 March
  • Tokyo, 20 March
  • Yokohama, 12 March
  • Yokosuka, 21 March
  • Nagoya, 19 March
  • Matsue, 13 March
  • Takamatsu, 20 March
  • Fukuoka, 13 March
  • Kumamoto, 12 March
  • Okinawa, 19 March

The Emerald Ball Tokyo, 18 March. Start 6.30pm.

Green Light-up

  • Karakoro Art Studio, Matsue, 16 February - 17 March
  • Ise Shrine Miyuki-doro Torii Gateway, 1-17 March

Irish and Japanese flags on Omotesando Street, 7-20 March

Music Events

  • Intercollegiate Celtic Festival, Tokyo, 7-9 March
  • Munetsugu Hall Concerts, Nagoya, 11-12 March
  • Irish Music Ceremony in Ise, 12 March
  • Hanz Araki Trio Fukuoka Live, 17 March
  • Tokyo Harusai - Tara Erraught Recital, 25 March
  • The Wild Rover, 27 March
  • Osaka Irish Harp Festival, 2-3 April


  • Japan-Ireland Society, 26 March
  • The Irish Literature Study Group, 26 March