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Japan Ireland Society, Annual Conference of Irish Studies

This year's JIS Annual Conference of Irish Studies, on 10-11 December, will focus on ‘The influence of the Easter Rising on Political developments in East Asia'. On day 2, there will be a panel discussion on this year's Easter Rising Commemorations : 'Ireland 100 Years on'

JIS will invite five Japanese panelists and one Belfast–based speaker, China-colonial era specialist, Dr Aglaia de Angeli to discuss the influence of the Easter Rising on Political events in east Asia. The choice of speakers from various academic disciplines will provide a broad foundation for a conference which is expected to be an interesting exploration of this topic.

In the second part of the event, Conference Director, Prof Arisa Mori, who traveled to Ireland for the Easter 2016 Commemoration Parade will include her report, photos etc in a presentation entitled 'Ireland 100 years on'.

Dr De Angeli's talk will be in English, please check conference programme for further details.

Japanese :