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Visit Ireland



Cliffs of Moher, Co Clare

Ireland is a city break, outdoor adventure, culinary retreat and coastal escape all on one beautiful island. You can mix and match for your perfect holiday. In 2019, we welcomed an estimated 25,000 Japanese visitors, and we look forward to welcoming you.

You can discover the best of Ireland by downloading Tourism Ireland’s free brochure with plenty of inspiration, maps and useful tips for your holiday.


If you’re already planning to come to the island of Ireland and want to know how to get here, how to get around when you arrive and what currency to bring, we’ve got the information you need right here.

Travelling to Ireland

Ireland has 9 Airports. The average travel time from Japan to Ireland is 14 hours. You can fly to Ireland from all major departure cities across Japan.

The basics

The island is about 486km long and 274km wide, and covers approximately 32,600 square miles. The island of Ireland has 32 counties; there are 26 in the Republic of Ireland and six in Northern Ireland. There are also four provinces on the island. The Republic of Ireland is a parliamentary democracy with a president as its head of state. Northern Ireland has its own regional government, but is part of the United Kingdom. There are about 6 million people living on the island – 4.3 million people live in the Republic of Ireland and 1.7 million in Northern Ireland. One third of the population on the island of Ireland is under the age of 29.


Ireland has a mild, temperate climate with summer temperatures generally ranging from 60°F/15°C to 70°F/20°C. Temperatures in spring and autumn are generally 50°F/10°C, and in winter between 40°F/5°C and 46°F/8°C. Snow is rare but rain showers can occur at any time of the year. For up-to-the minute weather reports visit met.ie

Getting Around

The island is quite small so whether you’re travelling by air, road or rail you’ll find it easy, with lots of choice including car hire, train, bus or bike.

Currency & Money

In the Republic of Ireland, the official currency is the Euro. In Northern Ireland, it’s the £ Sterling. Credit cards that have the Visa and Mastercard symbol are widely accepted. Visitors with other cards should check before they use them. ATM (cash) machines are located at most banks and in towns and city centres and accept most credit and debit cards.

Accommodation Information

Ireland offers a wide range of accommodation from 5 star hotels and self-catering to campaign and home stays.

Emergency Numbers

We hope you won’t need any emergency numbers during your visit, but just in case, for emergency Police, Fire or Ambulance dial: 999

For more information visit: www.Ireland.com



おすすめの観光スポットや旅のヒントがいっぱいの情報誌『アイルランド トラベルガイド』(日本語)はこちらからダウンロードできます。









アイルランドの気候は穏やかで温暖。夏の気温は15°C~20°C、春・秋は10°C前後、冬は5°C~8°Cほどです。雪はめったに降りませんが、シャワーのような雨は年間を通じて降ります。最新の気象情報はアイルランド気象庁公式サイト met.ie でご確認ください。









さらに詳しい情報は、アイルランド政府観光庁公式サイト http://www.ireland.comをご覧ください!

Giant's Causeway, Co Antrim

For tourism information please see our travel guide (PDF)

観光情報はアイルランド トラベルガイド(PDF)をご参照ください