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Please be advised that the Embassy of Ireland, Jordan website has moved and this page is no longer being updated. The Embassy website is now available at Ireland.ie/amman.

Marriage & Civil Partnership Abroad

Many countries require those who are not citizens of that country, before they can get married in their jurisdiction, to produce a certificate from their country of origin to show that they are free to marry.  These are variously known as Certificates of Non-Impediment, Certificates of No Objection, Certificats de Coutume or Nulla Ostas.  The Consular Section at the Embassy of Ireland in Amman can issue these to Irish citizens resident in Jordan.

Please note that marrying a non-Irish national does not automatically entitle them to Irish citizenship.

Certificats de Coutume will not be issued to persons under 18 years of age without the written and witnessed consent of their parents or guardians.  

A Certificate de Coutume is not required for an Irish citizen who wishes to get married in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, the Channel Isles, the Isle of Man, or the United States.

We strongly advise that you check with the Embassy, Consulate, or High Commission of the country where you intend to get married, in order to establish their exact requirements for marriage in their country. You should do so before you contact the Embassy of Ireland so we can assist you efficiently.

Please note we have now moved to online payments for applications for a Certificate of Freedom to Marry*. Please have your debit/credit card details and the required supporting documents ready before you begin your application. Further information can be found under the Supporting Documents section below.

You should expect to receive your Certificate of Freedom for your marriage abroad within 8 weeks of the date of marriage if submitted within the correct timeframe.

All documents in languages other than English or Irish must be accompanied by an official translation.

All original documents submitted with an application will be returned to the applicant.

The relevant forms can be downloaded from this website.

Please ensure that the information provided is legible.