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Easter Fire - Celebration of St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick, Patron of Ireland, is one of the most celebrated missionary saints in Europe, if not the world. Following a tradition, the International Parish of Luxembourg will have a Mass to celebrate his feast on 16th March at 19:30. This vigil Mass will begin with ‘Easter Fire’, a dramatic presentation of the life and writings of Patrick; it will be celebrated in English and Irish, and all are, of course, welcome. Come and see how the Easter fire lit by Patrick shone brightly in the dark. Refreshments will be served after Mass.

The mass will be held by Father Ed Hone at the church St Alphonse, rue des Capucins. It’s at the top of the rue des Capucins, 2 minutes’ walk from the Place d’Armes in the centre of Luxembourg city. See it on the map.

Father Hone is from Bradford, Yorkshire, and joined the Redemptorist Order in 1982, after graduating in theology from Durham University. As a Redemptorist, he has given parish Missions and preached Solemn Novenas in Britain and Ireland, given retreats, worked in Redemptorist Publications and youth ministry, and more recently spent ten years in St Patrick’s parish, Edinburgh, as part of a mission development project: running a parish as an ongoing parish mission.

His parents live in Knock, Ireland, and his three sisters and their families live in England and Ireland.

You can contact him by phone: 691 217 713 (mobile & answerphone) or by email:

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