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Visiting Ireland?

Tourism is a very important industry for Ireland.

Photo Credit: Tourism Ireland

2018 has been the best year ever for overseas tourism to the island of Ireland, with revenue generated by international visitors around €6.1 billion, delivered by some 11.2 million visitors.

Getting to Ireland has never been easier with new air routes and additional seat capacity available from the US and Canada, from mainland Europe and Great Britain and from long haul markets via the Gulf.

Ireland's main tourist attractions include its rich cultural heritage, scenery, friendly people and relaxed way of life. It is also a popular location for sporting enthusiasts with numerous golf courses in addition to fishing, cycling, riding, water sports and other activities.

Photo Credit: Tourism Ireland


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Study in Ireland

Ireland is not just a destination for tourists. Increasingly, it is a destination for international students, providing educational excellence in a safe, English-speaking environment.

Ireland combines a long tradition of scholarship with strong links between a dynamic education sector and cutting-edge research and industry.

For information on studying in Ireland, please visit the Education in Ireland website.