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Ireland’s new Embassy in Rabat operating from 11 October 2021

Bhur gcéad fáilte go hAmbasáid nua na hÉireann i Ríocht Mharacó. As we say in our native Irish language “One hundred thousand welcomes to the new Irish Embassy to the Kingdom of Morocco”!

Ireland’s newest diplomatic mission, the Embassy of Ireland in Morocco, will begin its work in Rabat, initially from a temporary location, on 11 October 2021.

The new mission will develop and enhance political, business, education, cultural, and community ties between Ireland and Morocco. The establishment of the Embassy is also reflective of Morocco’s position as a key partner for the EU in trade, security, migration, and other areas.

The new mission will be led by Ambassador-designate James McIntyre, who says, “I am very honoured and greatly privileged to be appointed as Ireland’s first resident Ambassador to the Kingdom of Morocco.

My team and I are privileged to live and work in this wonderful city of Rabat and we look forward in the coming weeks, months and years to exploring other parts of this beautiful and fascinating country as we build political, business, educational, cultural and people-to-people links between our two great countries.

Ireland is fully committed to further deepening relations with Morocco in all areas and to serving the needs of our Irish citizens who reside here and who visit this beautiful country for business or leisure.

In the Embassy, I am delighted to be joined by Deputy Head of Mission, Kate O’Sullivan, and we look forward to meeting the members of the small but active Irish community here and across Morocco. I see so many connections between our two peoples and also see much untapped potential in our working together and sharing experiences.

I would like to thank the Government and authorities of the Kingdom of Morocco for their support with the establishment of our new diplomatic mission in Rabat.”

The new Mission forms part of Global Ireland 2025, a wider initiative to double Ireland’s global footprint, including in north-Africa. A new embassy in Morocco will strengthen Ireland’s presence in a very important region and continent so close to Europe’s borders.

The Embassy will initially be located in temporary offices in Hay Riad, Rabat. The new Embassy will be responsible for representing Irish interests in Morocco, and will also, in due course, cover Tunisia and Mauritania.

Ireland’s Honorary Consuls in Agadir and Casablanca will continue to provide most consular services in Morocco, including passport and visa services, to Irish citizens pending the new Embassy taking over some of these services.

Please see the About Us section for more information. While in its temporary premises, the new Embassy will not provide direct consular services to the public.