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Ms. Cliona Manahan Ambassador to Iceland participated in June 2015 in the National Day Programme in Reykjavik, and MFA programme outside the capital.

Iceland Landscape © Leah Leslie

To coincide with the Icelandic national Day, Ms. Cliona Manahan Ambassador to Denmark, who is also accredited to Iceland, undertook a programme visit, and participated in a meetings in Reykjavik and the programme outside the capital organised by the MFA.

Iceland Walkway © Leah Leslie

In addition to engagements involving the President, Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and Head of the EU Delegation to Iceland, the Ambassador met with:

  • The Vice President of the Nordic Council;
  • The Director of the Icelandic Travel Industry Association;
  • The Director of the Central Bank of Iceland;
  • The Deputy CEO of Iceland's National Power Company.
  • The MFA programme included a visit to Keldur, Gunnarsholt HQ of the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (UN University); Landsveit area close to Mount Hekla and Hydro Power Plants; Þjóðveldisbær reconstructed Viking age farmstead; Hjálparfoss waterfall; Skálholt Cathedral; and Sólheimar Ecovillage.

Iceland Waterfall © Leah Leslie