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Ireland-Romania Relations

The Embassy plays an important role in fostering the strong and close relationship that exists between Ireland and Romania in the political, economic and cultural fields. The two Governments cooperate closely on many issues, particularly as partners in the EU, where we continue to work in solidarity with one another and with our fellow EU Member States to ensure a full and sustainable economic recovery in both countries and in the Union as a whole.

Diplomatic relations between Romania and Ireland were established in 1990 and the resident Irish Embassy in Bucharest was opened in 2005. The Romanian Embassy in Dublin opened in 1994.

The first Ambassador to reside in Bucharest was Pádraic Cradock (2005-2008). After that, John Morahan (2008-2012) and Oliver Grogan (2012-2013) have also resided in Romania as Ambassador.

The current Ambassador of Romania in Ireland is H.E. Mrs. Manuela Breazu who presented her credentials to President Higgins on the 23rd November 2013.

The relationship also enjoys a series of two-way high level visits, including the State Visit to Romania by the former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese, in September 2008.

Recent Agreements

A bilateral agreement between Ireland and Romania on the prevention of serious crime was signed in 2013 and entered into force on 19 January 2014.

The main provision of the Agreement is information exchange and cooperation between Ireland and Romania in relation to persons and organisations suspected of being involved in serious crime.