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Team Ireland in Russia

The Embassy is dedicated to promoting Ireland through trade, culture, tourism, and education. The Embassy also helps to provide consular assistance to Irish citizens who need it while travelling in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The work carried out directly by the Embassy is supported by the presence in Russia of a number of specialised Irish government agencies: see below for more information.
  • The Embassy Team
  • State Agencies

The Embassy Team


Brian McElduff

Deputy Head of Mission:

Nancy Tuohy-Hamill

Second Secretary:

Jack McCormack  

Clerical Officer:

Patricia Hickey


Head of Visa Office:

Margaret O’ Mahony, EO




State Agencies

State Agencies

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government agency responsible for the development and growth of Irish companies and Irish innovation in world markets. The agency supports exports through a full range of trade support services for Irish companies interested in Russia and the 11 CIS countries it oversees as an export destination. It also has a support programme for Russian and CIS buyers wishing to visit Ireland to make closer contact with Irish companies. In Russia, Enterprise Ireland also acts as the Commercial Department of the Embassy, and, together with the Embassy, co-ordinates the Ireland/Russia Joint Economic Commission.

Contact Enterprise Ireland (Russia and CIS) office.

Bord Bia

The Irish Food Board acts as a link between Irish food, drink and horticulture suppliers and existing and potential customers throughout the world.

Bord Bia's purpose is to bring Ireland’s outstanding food, drink and horticulture to the world, thus enabling growth and sustainability of producers.

Bord Bia has a network of overseas offices, including in Moscow.


IDA (Industrial Development Agency) Ireland is the agency responsible for the attraction and retention of inward foreign direct investment (FDI) into Ireland.

IDA is a semi-state body that plays an important role in Ireland's relationship with foreign investors, with multinationals accounting for 10.2% of employment and 66% of Irish exports.

IDA works as a strategic partner for foreign businesses and provides consultancy and support services free of charge to help companies set up and grow in Ireland. Its success is measured by the impact of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and IDA-supported companies on the Irish economy.

The Agency also provides funding support to research and development projects, and has a number of direct support mechanisms, including employment and training grants.

IDA Ireland has a representative office in Russia that also covers CIS markets. Over the years IDA have helped a number of Russian businesses to establish their European hubs in Ireland. 

Full support is available to eligible companies wishing to explore Irish jurisdiction and establish a presence in Ireland.

To learn more about investment opportunities in Ireland, please, contact IDA representative in Moscow.

Tourism Ireland

Tourism Ireland is responsible for marketing the island of Ireland overseas as a leading holiday destination.

It was established as one of the “six areas of co-operation” under the framework of the Belfast Agreement of Good Friday 1998. Our remit is to increase tourism to the island of Ireland and to support Northern Ireland to realise its tourism potential.

We operate under the auspices of the North/South Ministerial Council through the Department for the Economy in Northern Ireland and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media in Ireland. We work closely with the two tourist boards on the island, Fáilte Ireland and Tourism NI, and with our partners in the tourism industry at home and abroad in delivering on our remit. Tourism Ireland’s up to 168 staff create world-class marketing programmes in over 21 markets across the world, as well as centrally in Dublin and Coleraine.

The Embassy works alongside Tourism Ireland to promote Ireland as a tourist destination for Russian visitors.