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Visa Queries

Use the form below to get in touch with us regarding visa queries.

If you require a passport application form, please use the 'All Other Queries' contact form. 

Please note that the e-mail contact service should not be used in Emergencies - Emergency contact information is included below.

You can find information on visas to Ireland of different categories and the procedure for applying for a visa on Visas for Ireland page.

Applying for a visa to Ireland is carried out through the VFS Global Visa Application Center.

VFS Global in the Russian Federation accepts visa applications from:

  • Citizens of the Russian Federation
  • Citizens of other countries who need a visa, residing in the Russian Federation and
  • Citizens of accredited countries - Belarus, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

You can contact the Visa Section of the Embassy of Ireland through the contact form "Visa Queries".

С полной информацией по визам в Ирландию разных категорий и по порядку обращения за визой вы можете ознакомиться на cтранице.

Подача на визу в Ирландию оcуществляется через визовый центр VFSGlobal

VFS Global в Российской Федерации принимает заявления на получение визы от:

  • граждан Российской Федерации
  • граждан других стран, которым нужна виза, проживающих в Российской Федерации и
  • граждан аккредитованных стран - Беларусь, Казахстан и Узбекистан

Обратиться в Визовый отдел Посольства Ирландии можно через контактную форму «Visa Queries»

Визовый отдел Посольства Ирландии не принимает звонки по телефону.

Emergency Contact Details

The Embassy operates an out-of-hours service for Irish citizens requiring emergency assistance. In the event of a genuine emergency, you can contact the Embassy at evenings or weekends by telephoning +7 495 937 5911 and leaving a message in English on the mailbox when prompted to do so. This mailbox is monitored regularly, and the Duty Officer at the Embassy will contact you as soon as possible. 

Remember to clearly state:

  • your name,
  • date of birth,
  • details of how the Duty Officer can contact you (e.g. a phone number for you, a friend, or the location where you are staying), and
  • the nature of the problem.

Alternatively, you may contact the Duty Officer at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin at + 353 1 408 2000.

This emergency helpline does not deal with enquiries relating to visas for Ireland. 

Экстренный номер не предназначен для вопросов по визам в Ирландию.