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How to apply for a Passport

Irish Citizens who are over 18, and have previously held an Irish Passport, can now apply for their Passport online at

If you are not eligible, or do not wish, to apply online, our “How to Apply for a Passport” guide takes you through each step of your Irish Passport application. The guide will answer some of the most common questions like:

  • what form you need and where to get one
  • documents you need to include
  • photograph requirements
  • witnessing an application form
  • how to submit it
  • passport fees

Before you begin the process of applying for an Irish passport, make sure you are eligible to apply.

Irish passports may only be issued to persons who are citizens of Ireland. The most common ways in which people can demonstrate citizenship are:

  • They were born in Ireland (or Northern Ireland)
  • They have a parent who was born in Ireland
  • They have gained Irish citizenship through naturalisation
  • They have gained Irish citizenship through foreign birth registration
  • They gained post-nuptial Irish citizenship, i.e. through their spouse, prior to the removal of this option in 2004.

Please visit the relevant section for more information about citizenship.

All paper-based Passport applications must be submitted on an Original passport application form (APS2E). You can request an application form by forwarding your name, postal address and contact details through our Contact Us formApplication forms may also be obtained from Embassy Pretoria or from our Cape Town office.  

The completed application form, together with supporting documentation and payment, should be forwarded to the Embassy. Unless you are visiting the Embassy (or our Cape Town office) in person we strongly recommend that you send the application by courier.

The Embassy’s physical address is 2nd Floor, Parkdev Building, Brooklyn Bridge Office Park, 570 Fehrsen Street, Brooklyn, Pretoria 0181.

Our public office is open Monday-Friday from 09:00 to 12:00, except on public holidays

 If you decide to submit the application by Registered post, our postal address is: Consular Section, Embassy of Ireland, PO Box 4174, Pretoria 0001.

The address of our Cape Town Office is 19th floor, LG Building, 1 Thibault Square.

The office generally operates the same public opening hours as the Embassy but please call 021 419 0636 to confirm before visiting.

The Embassy phone line (012 - 452 1000) is available to receive calls from the public only between 14:00-16:00 Monday to Thursday. It is usually extremely busy so it is easier to contact us by e-mail, using the link above.

If you are in Zimbabwe you can obtain passport application forms from the Honorary Consulate in Harare.

Please read the application form and explanatory notes carefully. It is not possible to amend the form once it has been submitted. If you have any questions when completing the form please contact our passport service team.

It is most important that the photographs submitted adhere strictly to the guidelines set down by the Passport Service:

If the guidelines are not followed it will not be possible to generate the required electronic image for the passport and the applicant will be required to submit new photographs.

Problems with photographs are one of the main reasons why applications are rejected or delayed.

The documents to be submitted with passport applications can differ, depending on the nature of the application. The following is a summary of the main requirements for the more frequent types of applications but please also refer to the notes that issue with the application form for more comprehensive information.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the Unabridged Computerised version or certified Vault Copies of certificates will be acceptedOther types such as Abridged, handwritten or laminated certificates will not be accepted.

  • An Unabridged computerised version is an A5 sized yellow document bearing the word “Unabridged” at the top and issued (in South Africa) by the Department of Home Affairs.
  • A vault copy is a photocopy of the original entry in the Register held by the Department of Home Affairs of South Africa. A vault copy will carry two (usually) pink stamps with the words “Department of Home Affairs” and “Certified a true copy of the original”.

For applicants who were born / married in Ireland, an original “long form” certificate must be provided.

Renewal of passport (adults): Include your current passport with the application (even if it has expired). This will be formally cancelled and returned to you with your new passport.

Renewal of passport (children – under 18): Include the child’s current passport and either the UNABRIDGED computerised ORIGINAL version or a certified Vault copy of the child’s Birth certificate. (If born in Ireland the child’s “long form” birth certificate should be included).

Application for a New Passport:

Basic requirements are as follows:

For Irish Citizens Born in Ireland:

  • Original long form Irish birth certificate showing the names of both parents
  • If married in Ireland, your original full civil marriage certificate. If married in South Africa, the original vault copy or unabridged computerised version of your marriage certificate.

For Irish Citizens Born Outside of Ireland:

If one or both of your parents was born in Ireland

  • Parent’s long form Irish birth certificate
  • That parent’s marriage certificate.
  • Vault copy or unabridged computerised version of your birth certificate
  • If your name has changed, vault copy or unabridged computerised version of your marriage certificate.

If you claimed Irish citizenship through an Irish-born grandparent

  • Your original Foreign Birth Registration (FBR)certificate
  • Vault copy or unabridged computerised version of your birth certificate

If you have recently become an Irish citizen through FBR please ensure that you have ticked the “FBR” box on the application form. If the documentation for your FBR application has been returned to you, please add a separate note stating this when submitting your passport application.

If you are a naturalised Irish Citizen, you will also need:

  • Your original naturalisation certificate. Please see the citizenship section for more information on this certificate
  • Your original Full Civil Birth Certificate giving details of parents and your original civil marriage certificate (if you've changed your surname)
  • If the birth/marriage certificate is not in English, you must also submit certified English versions of the originals, translated by a registered translator.


Section 7 of the application form must be completed and signed by BOTH parents / guardians and duly witnessed by a member of one of the professions listed in that section. Children who are 7 years of age or older must sign Section 8 of the application form

Replacement of a Lost / Stolen / Damaged passport:

Applicants for a replacement passport that has been lost or stolen or badly damaged must have Section 6 of the application form witnessed and stamped by the same witness who signs Section 9. A police report should also be obtained, if possible. If a police report cannot be obtained a full explanation of the circumstances of the loss / theft / damage should be provided.

Additional requirements:

With a view to preventing identity theft and the circulation of false passports, the Passport Office has introduced additional safeguards into the passport application procedure for adult, first time applicants and for those seeking to replace a lost, stolen or badly damaged passport. Applicants in these categories are now required to submit with their applications the following additional evidence in support of their application.

  • Additional form of photo identification (e.g. copy of driver’s licence, ID card)
  • Documentary evidence to show use of name (e.g. payslips, bank statement)
  • Evidence of residency at the application address (e.g. utility bill).

In addition, applicants may be asked to provide further information or to attend for interview.

Please note that it is not possible to expedite applications in these categories.

Change of name (due to marriage, divorce, other):

If the applicant’s name has changed due to marriage, divorce or death, the applicant must submit the UNABRIDGED COMPUTERISED version or the certified VAULT COPY of the relevant SA certificate.


In certain other cases, where the applicant wishes to have a name other than their birth name on their passport, the applicant will need to provide documentary proof of the use of the name they wish to have on their passport over a two year period.

Passport Fees (to be applied from 30 March 2017):

The following fees are for passport applications submitted in paper form to the Embassy.

Please note that adults who wish to renew their passports, or to replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport, can now do so online provided their passport has less than 12 months validity remaining or if it expired less than 5 years ago. It must also not involve any change to the name in which the previous passport was issued. If you qualify, details on how to apply online are available.

All other passport applications must be submitted in paper form. Adults can also continue to submit applications in this manner but it is more expensive –see chart of fees below.

If the applicant resides in South Africa please pay by Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). Please contact us to obtain our banking details if you do not already have them. [The Embassy also accepts card payments but only if made in person at the public counter at the Embassy in Pretoria].

If the applicant resides in Zimbabwe the application, supporting documents and payment (in US$) should be submitted in the first instance to the Honorary Consul of Ireland in Harare (Address: Lamont House, 2 Robert Mugabe Road, PO Box 10424, Harare; Telephone: +263 4771 949, Email: The Honorary Consul will forward the application to the Embassy for processing.

If applicant resident in MauritiusLesotho or the Democratic Republic of Congo the application, supporting documents and payment (in South African Rand), should be submitted to the Embassy of Ireland in Pretoria. Please pay by SWIFT Bank Transfer. Please contact us to obtain our banking details if you do not already have them.

Please note: The Embassy does not accept payments in cash, or by cheque, bank draft or postal order.





For Applications Submitted Online: (Adult renewals/ replacements only)

Standard 10 year Passport


Large  10 year Passport:


(Fees must be paid online in Euro during the application process)















For Applications submitted to the Embassy (Paper-based applications):


Note: Adults can opt to renew their passports in this manner; all other application types must be submitted in this format.


Adult 10 year


Adult large 10 year


Minor (0-17 years): 5 year passport

(All children under 18 will now be issued with a 5 year passport).


Emergency Travel Document

This fee applies to both an Emergency Passport and an Emergency Travel Certificate; if an Emergency Passport is issued (very limited circumstances) a full passport application must also be submitted and the fee paid.  



































Additional Fees


Out of hours fee

This is an additional charge, which is applicable when an emergency document is issued outside of normal office hours.


Passport Certification Fee

This is a standard consular fee that is charged for the verification or certification of any document.


















If you were born in Ireland please tick box A

If you were born abroad but one or both of your parents were born in Ireland please tick Box B and provide details of one such parent in the following boxes

If neither of the above categories apply then please tick the relevant box at “C”, depending on how you acquired Irish citizenship.

Section 9 of the application form must be signed by a member of one of the professions listed therein. The witness must certify that:

  • he/she is satisfied as to the applicant’s identity
  • the applicant signed the form in his/her presence, and
  • the photographs provided are a true likeness of the applicant.

The witness must then sign his/her own name on the back of two of the four photographs to be submitted with the applicationand also write the eight-digit Form Number (printed in Section 9) on the back of the photographs.

Please ensure that the witness has an official stamp and affixes that stamp to the application. Applications that do not have the witness’s stamp affixed will have to be returned to the applicant.

A passport application is valid for a maximum period of six (6) months from the date the witness completes Section 9 of the application form.


Read all sections of the passport application form to make sure you've filled it out correctly, including photo requirements and how to get it witnessed properly.