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Please be advised that the Embassy of Ireland, Spain website has moved and this page is no longer being updated. The Embassy website is now available at Ireland.ie/madrid.

Consular Fees

The following is a list of the most common fees charged for Consular Services carried out by the Embassy of Ireland. 

For an exhaustive list of fees, please see the full list of current consular fees

Service Fee
For verifying or certifying a copy of any document


For verifying or certifying a copy of any document where the document concerned is in a language other than Irish or English €80
For attesting the seal of a Foreign Authority €40
For each signature attested by a diplomatic or consular officer in any document where a fee is not otherwise provided for €40
For the provision of any service (other than the issue of a passport in the circumstances provided for in Regulation 6 (e) of these Regulations), for which a fee is charged under these Regulations, whether at a diplomatic or consular office, outside its normal hours of opening, or at a diplomatic or consular officer's residence, in addition to such fee €50 for each hour or fraction thereof, subject to a maximum fee of €300 per day
For administering an oath or receiving a declaration of affirmation, with or without attestation of signature €60

Fees in respect of passports, visas, Foreign Birth Registrations (FBRs) and marriages abroad are listed separately on this website. 

Payment Method

Fees in respect of Foreign Birth Registrations (FBRs) and certificates in connection with marriages abroad must be paid online.  Passports that are applied for online, and not through the Embassy, must also be paid for online (see the passport section of the website for more details).

All other fees must be paid by bank transfer to the following bank details:

BANK Account Name: Embajada de Irlanda

BANK Address: BBVA, C/Claudio Coello 92, Madrid 28006

Bank Account No: 0182 1932 44 0201542340

IBAN Code:  ES90 0182 1932 44 0201542340


Observaciones/concepto: Name of applicant and service required.


Don't forget, you are responsible for paying any bank fees associated with the transaction. If you have a non-Eurozone bank account you can avoid expensive transfer charges by going in person to your nearest BBVA branch and lodging the fee in cash to our bank account. This may also be convenient if you don’t have internet banking.