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Students from the University of Leiden visit the Embassy of Ireland in advance of trip to Dublin

On 21 March 2016, students from the University of Leiden visited the Embassy of Ireland to learn about the tech industry in Ireland.

Students from the University of Leiden at the Embassy of Ireland in The Hague. Credit: Embassy of Ireland

On 21 March, a group of social science students from the Honours College, an excellency programme at the University of Leiden, visited the Embassy of Ireland. The Honours College aims to connect science with society. As part of the programme, the participating students took a field trip to Dublin in order to study the development of digital society. Dublin is host to many European and EMEA HQs for major tech companies, including Dropbox, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, and thus a fantastic case study for their academic work.

The Embassy was delighted to host the students and assist them in their studies, presenting to them on Ireland, the field of diplomacy and Ireland's position as a digital hub. A total 21 students visited the Embassy and we were highly impressed by their insights and contributions. We would like to thank them for their interest in Ireland and wish them the best of luck with their studies.