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Afghanistan Visa Details

Full details on applying for a Visa for Ireland while in Afghanistan

Please note, all birth certificates, marriage certificates and Tazkira issued by Afghani authorities must be attested by the Afghani Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Afghanistan, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Abu Dhabi and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abu Dhabi. Any application which is received without the correct attestations will not be processed.

Please note, the Abu Dhabi Visa Office has experienced a very large increase in European Union Treaty Rights (EUTR) visa applications. This increase has put huge strains on our capabilities and is leading to long delays in processing these applications. Delays should be expected until further notice.

We strongly advise applicants not to pay for airline or other travel tickets without having been issued with a visa. Production of a confirmed travel booking is not required for an Irish visa application.

Residents in Afghanistan can apply for a visa to Ireland at the Irish Visa Office at the Embassy of Ireland in Abu Dhabi. The Irish Visa Office at the Embassy of Ireland in Abu Dhabi can only accept visa applications which have been made on line using the AVATS online application facility. The online application form on the left of this page will link you to the site to proceed with your application. You should refer to the documentation requirement for the visa you are seeking on that site.

When you have completed your online visa application you should send all relevant supporting documents to:

Embassy of Ireland
Irish Visa Office
Al Yasat Street off 6th Street Al Bateen
P.O. Box 61581
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

Submitting your Passport and Application

You should submit your original passport along with original documents to the Visa Office in Abu Dhabi. You should provide a written list of any original documents you wish to have returned by courier to Afghanistan.

Collection Arrangements for Passports and Visas

If you are unable to receive your passport or visa by courier return to Afghanistan it is possible to collect your passport at our Visa Office in Abu Dhabi. You should state this clearly in your application if it is your wish to collect the visa in the UAE. If you wish for your visa and passport to be collected from another Embassy or Consulate ‘and’ you are not able to receive your passport in Afghanistan or to collect it in Abu Dhabi you must clearly indicate in your application where you wish to collect your passport. However, our preference is that all applicants receive their passport/visa in their country of residence or for collection (personally or by a 3rd party) in Abu Dhabi.

Collection of Passports and Visas by Third Parties

It is possible to have a third party submit your application and passport on your behalf. If you wish a third party to collect on your behalf you ‘must’ supply a letter of authority, authorising and consenting to this. We ‘will not’ hand over a passport to a third party without a letter of authority from the visa applicant. The letter of authority must be signed by you and include full biographical details of the person collecting. This should include name, nationality, passport number, date of birth, place of residence, and relationship to you. We will ask for ID before giving over a passport to a third party. The only acceptable ID is a valid passport.


Applications received without the necessary supporting documents or information will delay the processing of your application or may result in it being refused.

You must also ensure that ‘all’ the required supporting documentation accompanies your visa application otherwise your visa application cannot be processed or will be delayed. It is your responsibility to ensure you have sent our Visa Office all the necessary documents in order for a decision to be made. You will find the list of supporting documentation required for the main types of visas on the INIS website.

Without receiving the visa fee we cannot process your application. If you are submitting your application from Afghanistan or a third country you must pay the visa fee using by bank transfer into our visa bank account.

If you are submitting your passport and application directly to our visa office in Abu Dhabi or Dubai you can pay cash in the local currency.

Paying by Bank Transfer

The method of payment will be by bank transfer and evidence of transfer of the payment will be required to be provided with your papers to be sent by courier or alternative secure mail to the Embassy of Ireland Abu Dhabi. The fee for processing your visa application will be 255 AED for a single entry visa. In circumstances where a multiple entry visa may be granted the fee will be 425 AED. A transit visa will cost 110 AED.

You can pay the fee in your local currency at the relevant AED exchange rates. You should refer to the INIS website for information as to when a multiple entry visa may be granted. The details can be found on the site at the section dealing with visa fees. This section of the site also provides details as to when a fee may not be required.

The visa fees mentioned above must be paid in full – depending on the visa being sought. These fees are required to undertake an examination of the application. Any commission charges payable to your bank or the receiving bank in Abu Dhabi cannot be deducted from the visa fee. If there are charges from the sending and receiving bank you must provide sufficient funds to cover these costs. You should check these costs with your bank and cover the cost of the sending and receiving bank. It will not be possible to examine applications where the correct fee has not been provided. Deductions cannot be made from the visa fee amount for commission charges of the banks.

You must enclose a confirmation of payment. When making the payment to the bank you should also indicate your name or your AVATS reference number on the lodgement slip. This is to ensure we are easily able to match your application to the fees received in our bank account. Only when you have checked the requirements for the visa you are seeking and have all of the necessary papers should you send the application for assessment.


The bank account details are as follows:

Name of holder: Embassy of Ireland, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Account number: 1411003342999027
Bank: First Abu Dhabi Bank PJSC , H.O. Sheikh Kalifa Street, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
IBAN No: AE620351411 0033 42999027

IMPORTANT: You ‘should’ always apply for your visa well in advance and allow at least 8 weeks for your application to be processed.

How do I find out about the progress of my application?

The Irish Visa Office in Abu Dhabi will be in direct contact with you when a decision is made. A Visa Officer may make contact with you or your reference during this process.

Original Documents

If you wish to have original documents returned you should state this in your application and also provide photocopies of the originals. We can return original documents via the courier when your passport is being returned to you. However, you should state what documents you wish returned. Otherwise it will be your responsibility to arrange for a courier to collect documents held at our visa office.

Weekly Decision Reports

Every Thursday, a report detailing all decisions made in the previous week at the Visa Office Abu Dhabi is posted on our Weekly Decisions Report page. Please use your unique online application number to search these reports for your decision.

Visa Appeals

How to appeal a visa refusal? Please click the following link Visa Appeals


If you wish to travel to Ireland or pass through an Irish port in order to travel to another state you may need an Irish visa.

You may need a visa to travel to Ireland even if you live in Ireland.

A visa is a paper document affixed to a page of the holder's passport.  It permits a person to travel to Ireland during the validity period stated on the visa. It does not guarantee entry to the State. An Immigration Officer at the port of entry has the authority to grant or deny admission, and to decide  the duration of a person’s stay in the State.

What do I need to know?

Read the Checklist to find out if you need an Irish visa and about applying for a visa on the website of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services website.

This Online Visa Application Facility is available worldwide and must be used by all applicants for an Irish Visa. The technology guides you through the visa application process, step by step.

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