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Access to Birth Information in Ireland has changed.

The Birth Information and Tracing Act 2022 was signed into law in Ireland on 30 June 2022. This landmark legislation provides a full and clear right of access to birth certificates, birth and early life information for all persons who were adopted, boarded out, the subject of an illegal birth registration or who otherwise have questions in relation to their origins. It also allows for access to information by next of kin in certain circumstances. This includes persons who were adopted from Ireland to other jurisdictions, or persons who were adopted in Ireland but subsequently emigrated.

The new law establishes a robust tracing service and a Contact Preference Register, as well as a range of new bespoke measures to address issues arising for people affected by illegal birth registration. A broad spectrum of counselling and support is also available to persons affected on request. All of these services are free of charge for applicants.

A bespoke website with more information on the Act, the services it establishes and the persons eligible to use them is available at

A Public Information Campaign, with a national and international focus, is also underway to let people know of the important changes to the law. As part of this, an Information Booklet was delivered to every household in Ireland, and this booklet is available from your nearest embassy or consulate, or to download from

The Contact Preference Register opened to applications on 01 July. Applications may be made to the Contact Preference Register by those wishing to make contact, to request privacy, or to seek or share information with a relative.

Information and Tracing Services will open to applications on 03 October 2022.

Applications to the Contact Preference Register, or to Information and Tracing Services can be made on

Frequently asked questions are available at

For further information or support you can also contact:

Adoption Authority of Ireland
+353 1 230 9300 | |

+353 818 44 55 00 | |

NCS National Counselling Service / HSE |

Information on Overseas Support