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Explanation of Vote on Ukraine Adoption


Mr. President,


Ireland once again strongly condemns the Russian Federation’s further invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign and independent country.


Since we last met on Friday, the Russian Federation has intensified its unjustified and unprovoked attack against Ukraine.


Russia’s aggression is causing mounting hardship and suffering for the people of Ukraine who have shown remarkable resilience and resolve.


Ireland stands in full solidarity with them today.


Mr President,


This Council has a responsibility to act in the face of conflict, and to respond to this grave threat to international peace and security.


We have failed to exercise that responsibility.


We were rendered powerless to do so, in spite of the clear will of 11 members of this Council, by the Russian Federation’s use of the veto in a flagrant attempt to excuse its own military aggression against Ukraine, a fellow member of our United Nations.


The use of this anachronistic veto in these terrible and tragic circumstances is reprehensible and undermines the legitimacy of this Council in the eyes of the watching world.


However, the veto will not prevent the international community from responding to Russia’s blatant breaches of international law, nor will it deter us from holding Russia accountable for its actions.


Ireland voted in favour of this draft resolution to decide to call an Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly.


Ireland calls on our fellow members of the General Assembly to step up where the Council has failed, to uphold the principles of the UN Charter, to condemn aggression, and to support a return to the path of diplomacy and peace.


This is the very least that the people of Ukraine deserve from us in their hour of need.


We cannot let them down.


Thank you.


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