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Explanation of Vote on Ukraine Resolution

Mr. President,


Ireland voted in favour of the draft resolution presented by the United States and Albania in response to the flagrant violation of the UN Charter, of international law, and of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.


The Russian Federation has turned its back on diplomacy. It has spurned genuine offers of dialogue and rejected repeated calls from the international community for de-escalation. Instead, it has launched an unjustified and unprovoked attack on Ukraine.  An attack that continues today to rain death and destruction on Ukraine and its people.  We condemn these actions outright. In casting our vote today, we do so in full solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 


This Council has a responsibility to act in the face of conflict, to protect international peace and security, to uphold the principles the world agreed upon in response to the utter devastation of the Second World War.


This is not a responsibility that Ireland takes lightly. Yet it is one that we were prevented from discharging today, in spite of the clear and declared will of the great majority of this Council’s members.


Mr. President, we deeply regret the use of the veto today by the Russian Federation.


The veto is an anachronism, which has no place in today’s world.


The use of the veto to block Council action is always unacceptable: its use today in blatant defence of military aggression is reprehensible.


However, the veto in no way obscures the plain facts of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Nor will it hinder the international community’s response to Russia’s blatant breaches of international law, as demonstrated by the broad cosponsorship of this resolution by the wider UN membership.


In this context, Ireland strongly supports the comprehensive sanctions announced by the European Union yesterday. We stand ready to support further measures if Russia does not reverse course.


Mr. President,


The unfolding horror of recent days is a tragedy for the people of Ukraine and one which evokes nightmares that the people of Europe fervently hoped had been consigned to a blood stained history. Only dialogue and diplomacy offer escape from those nightmares. We call on Russia to end its aggression against Ukraine today, to turn away from war and choose the path of dialogue and diplomacy. This is the right path, and the time to take it is now.


Thank you.

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