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Best Practice

Resources on best practice in charities and not-for-profits can be found on many website and in many countries. While some circumstances differ between countries there are common issues which can be identified such as:

  • Board Management and Governance
  • Finance, Evaluation and Reporting
  • Sustainable Fundraising
  • Communications

Best practice is essential to the sustainability and success of any Irish community, voluntary and charity organisation. From Ireland there are two particularly good organisations that can offer advice and resources to Irish organisations no matter where they are:

The Governance Code is a resource to assist Irish community, voluntary and charity organisations develop their overall capacity in terms of how they run their organisation. It is a voluntary code provided free to all boards and committees of not-for-profit groups to encourage them to check themselves against best practice in the management of their affairs.

The Code has been put together by people with extensive experience in the Irish community, voluntary and charity sector and it takes account of the different types of organisations which exist in the diverse world of volunteering across the country. To find out more, please visit their dedicated site where you can find out what type of organisations you are and what steps you need to take.

The Wheel is a support and representative body connecting Irish community, voluntary and charity organisations across Ireland. Established in 1999, The Wheel has evolved to become a resource centre and forum for the community, voluntary and charity sector in Ireland. Its range of guides offer practical advice and information for organisations of all types.

Two in particular are of use to organisations applying for Emigrant Support programme Funding: The Wheel Governance Guide and The Wheel Funding Guide. These guides offer practical and realistic advice and information on how you can improve your organisation so as to ensure that you are operating under best practice.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has also developed a Global Irish Communications Handbook tailored to Irish organisations working overseas and also those applying for Emigrant Support Programme funding. The purpose of this Handbook is to help Irish Diaspora organisations improve their communications with their communities, with each other and with Ireland. The Handbook will also advise organisations how to maximise the impact of their communications, with a particular focus on social media and digital resources, peer learning and communications to improve funding opportunities.

Download your copy of the Global Irish Communications Handbook.