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Review of the Implementation of the Diaspora Policy

In March 2015 'Global Irish - Ireland's Diaspora Policy' was published.  This was the first comprehensive Irish Government policy document on the diaspora which recognises that Ireland has a unique and important relationship with its diaspora that must be nurtured and developed.

A commitment was made in this Diaspora Policy to review the implementation of the policy after two years and this review has now been completed and has been published in full.

Overall the review identifies a number of priorities for the Government's continuing work on diaspora engagement and support. Having considered in some detail the implementation of the Diaspora Policy to date, and building on input from diaspora stakeholders through events like the 2017 Global Irish Civic Forum, Part I of the review sets out a renewed focus for support for the diaspora over the coming period. These priorities will inform the work of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Irish Abroad Unit in particular, as we continue to work to achieve the vision of the Diaspora Policy.

Part II of the document contains an overview of the commitments contained in the Policy, and a detailed review of the actions taken to give effect to them, since the Diaspora Policy was published in March 2015. The format of this Part of the document mirrors the format of the original Diaspora Policy document itself.

Download in full the Review of the Implementation of the Diaspora Policy