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Launch of Ireland 2016 Global and Diaspora programme


The events of Easter 1916 are of seminal importance in Irish history. What began as a small uprising in the centre of Dublin on Easter Monday set in motion a series of developments which ultimately led to Irish independence. The Government of Ireland is organising a national and international program of events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising and to remember those who fought and those who died for Irish independence. Ireland 2016 will be a call to action for the people of Ireland, our Diaspora and friends of Ireland all around the world - to remember 1916 and that pivotal period in our history, to reflect on the past 100 years, and to re-imagine our future. 

Check out our webpage on Ireland 2016 in the USA for information about commemorative events taking place across the US in 2016.

Visit the website of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and/or the Ireland 2016 website for more information on the wider national and international programme.