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February Design Month-Consulate Webinar Series Celebrating Irish Women in Design

February Design Month-Consulate Webinar Series Celebrating Irish Women in Design

February Design Month-Celebrating Irish Women in Design

In recognition of St Brigid, Ireland's only female patron saint who was not only an early advocate for peace and women's rights and a powerful Abbess, she also founded a school of art; we are dedicating the month of February to the celebrating the creativity of Irish women. Please join us for one or all.  

Upcoming Events:

Feb 18th - 'Designing Global Spaces' - we are delighted to partner with the Chicago Architecture Center for their 'Architecture Talks' and hear from Ireland’s 2020 Pritzker Prize winning Grafton Architects Shelley McNamara and Yvonne Farrell, moderated by Dirk Denison of Dirk Denison Architects and Illinois Institute of Technology. Please sign up here

Feb 25th - 'Shaping A Better World' - Design Month will close with a look at the historic contribution of labour rights activist and Cork immigrant Mother Jones, who dedicated her life to shaping and designing a more just society - we will also announce the commission of very special artwork to hang in the Consulate. Speakers will include Associate Professor of History, Northern Illinois University, Rosemary Feurer and Artist, Lindsay Hand. Please sign up here

Previous Events:

Feb 4th - 'Leading the Way' - 150 Years of Creative Women in the Arts. This talk with Curator of the O'Brien Art Collection Marty Fahey looks at over 100 years of Irish women painters, artisans, sculptures, writers, fashion and interior designers with a number of special musical guests. Please sign up here

Feb 11th - 'Crafting the Future' - Women in Irish design today looks how Irish designers work crafting their future careers in partnership with the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland showcasing the work of Seliena Coyle and Annemarie Reinhold. We are honored to have Nora Gainer Head of Civic Relations & Partnerships moderate this event.  Please sign up here

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