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May 1st: Unveiling a Portrait of Mother Jones on her 184th birthday

May 1st: Unveiling a Portrait of Mother Jones on her 184th birthday

Mother Jones birthday was May 1st, 1837. On this day, 2021 we unveiled her portrait in the Chicago Consulate and Embassy of Ireland, DC

We are delighted to present the portraits of Mother Jones which now take pride of place in the Consulate in Chicago and the Embassy of Ireland, in Washington DC. Our thanks go to artist Lindsay Hand for capturing the spirit and humanity of Mary Harris, as she was born, in Cork in 1837 before she arrived at the age of 10 to the US. After much hardship and loss, she emerged to champion the cause of child workers in the coal mines and mills in the early 1900's. We look forward to welcoming you to view in person when it is safe to do so. Thank you also to all who shared and participated in this unveiling and celebration of this inspirational legacy.

This is part of a new #IfWallsCouldTAlk design initiative in which we will be sharing art which is on display in our Consulate every Wednesday on social media. It's based on a simple question: if the walls of our Consulate office could talk what would they say about Ireland, about our values, and about our Diaspora here in the US? You’ll see new pieces of art and items of Irish craft and design on our walls and shelves. Through these works we hope to portray the strength of the ties between Ireland and the Midwest, celebrate the contributions of our Diaspora, and show the beauty and creativity of Irish craftspeople and artists.

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