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Please be advised that the Consulate General of Ireland, New York website has moved and this page is no longer being updated. The Consulate website is now available at Ireland.ie/newyork.

History of the Consulate General of Ireland in New York

Ireland in New York

The Consulate General of Ireland was established in New York City in 1930, when the world was in the midst of the Great Depression. In Ireland, the 1930s was a period of significant political and constitutional changes that culminated in the adoption of the Constitution of Ireland in 1937. The first Consulate General of Ireland in New York was located in the newly opened Graybar Building, near Grand Central Terminal on Lexington Avenue.

List of Consuls General in New York

William Macaulay 1930-1934
Leo Thomas McCauley 1934-1946
Sean Nunan 1946-1947
Garth Healy 1947-1954
John M. Conway 1955-1961
Joseph F. Shields 1961-1962
John O’Brien 1962-1966
Frank A. Coffey 1966-1968
Charles V. Whelan 1968-1970
Kevin Rush 1970-1975
Gearoid O Clerigh 1975-1980
Sean O Huiginn 1980-1983
Jim Flavin 1983-1987
Daithi O Ceallaigh 1987-1993
Donal Hamill 1993-1997
Barrie Robinson 1997-2001
Eugene Hutchinson 2001-2005
Tim O’Connor 2005-2007
Niall Burgess 2007-2010
Noel Kilkenny 2010-2014
Barbara Jones 2014-2017
Ciarán Madden 2017-