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Consular Fees

Fees for the consular services that we provide.

Please note that payments to the Consulate General of Ireland in New York can only be accepted via money order/bank draft or certified bank check. We cannot accept cash, credit/debit cards or personal checks.

Passport - Adult 18 years of age and over   $105
Passport - Child aged 0-17 years   $50
Emergency travel certificate   $35
Visa - single journey   $81
Visa - multiple journey   $136
Visa - transit   $34
Preclearance                   $81
Certificate de Coutume/Nulla Osta   $81
Late processing fee for a Certificate de Coutume/Nulla Osta   $81
Certifying a copy of an Irish passport, civil certificate or other official Irish document   $45 per copy
Administering an oath or affidavit   $45 per signature

FedEx Postage Fees $13