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Photo Guidelines

In addition to the instructions below, there is an information insert with the Passport Application form which you should bring with you to show the photographer.


  • Minimum: 35mm x 45mm
  • Maximum: 38mm x 50mm


  • White background
  • No ink marks or creases
  • No digital enhancements or changes
  • Centre your head in the photo
  • Don't tilt your head
  • Look directly at the camera
  • Keep your facial expressions neutral (no raised eyebrows, frowns, don’t smile)
  • Keep both eyes open and your mouth closed

Glasses, head covers and clothing

  • Do wear your glasses (if you normally wear them) but make sure there's no reflection on the lenses and the frames don't obscure your eyes
  • Don't wear sunglasses or glasses with tinted lenses
  • Don't wear a head covering unless it's for religious or medical reasons
  • Don't wear a uniform, civil or military (e.g. showing epaulettes, insignia)


Infants who can’t support themselves should be photographed lying down on a plain, white surface (e.g. a white sheet on a bed – take the photo from above).

No one else should appear in the photo, so make sure that hands or arms used to support young children are not visible.

People with disabilities

If you have a disability that prevents you meeting these requirements, please use the Contact Us form to let us know and we will offer you further advice.