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December 2015

Argentina-Ireland 2016: A Shared Commemoration

24 December 2015

In 2016, Ireland will commemorate the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin, which was the catalyst of Irish independence and the emergence of the new Irish State. Argentina will in 2016 commemorate and celebrate the bicentenary of the signature of the Declaration of Tucuman on 9 July 1816 which established the independence of the Republic of Argentina.

March 2015

Celebrating Ireland’s links with Argentina

13 March 2015

As part of our work to raise awareness of Irish culture and create a positive image of Ireland in Argentina the Embassy is glad to support various St Patricks Day events , including the annual parade and concert in Plaza San Martin, organised by the Asociacion Argentino Irlandesa Almirante Browne, usually on the Sunday before St Patricks Day.

Gaelic Sports in Argentina

06 March 2015

Gaelic games have undergone a revival in recent years in Buenos Aires, with the support of the GAA and thanks to the dedicated efforts of enthusiasts at Hurling Club in Buenos Aires.

The gaelic football team representing Argentina were victorious in the Men’s Shield competition at the 2015 World GAA Games held in Abu Dhabi in March 2015. This was an incredible achievement for a team made up mostly of Argentine-born players who had only recently taken up the sport.