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"The Quiet Girl": Roundtable at Eterna Cadencia editorial's venue

"The Quiet Girl": Roundtable at Eterna Cadencia editorial's venue

Translator Jorge Fondebrider, writer Inés Garland, Consul Sarah Maguire and movie critic Diego Brodersen (left to right)

​On Monday 28/08, the Embassy had the pleasure of co-hosting, with Eterna Cadencia, a famous bookshop and publishing house, a roundtable to discuss Claire Keegan's novel "Foster" and its film adaptation, "The Quiet Girl". This event was the second of two events organized by the Embassy to mark the release of "The Quiet Girl" in Argentina. 
Eterna Cadencia, celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, is responsible for the publication of Claire Keegan's books in Argentina, with the first being published 15 years ago (Antartida). 
The panel included Jorge Fondebrider, Argentine translator of Claire's novel, Ines Garland, writer, translator and Diego Brodersen, cinema critic.
The event was hosted in Eterna Cadencia's bookshop and was open to the public. The space was at capacity with approximately 60 people in attendance. 
The event started with opening remarks from Eterna's director, and from Consul Sarah Maguire. There was then a discussion by the panel and questions from the audience. The event ended with a short drinks reception. 
The event was recorded and is available on YouTube. 
The event was attended exclusively by people from outside of the Irish community/diaspora demonstrating the strong interest in Argentina in Irish literature/the arts in general, but also specifically in Claire Keegan. 
The roundtable was uploaded to youtube, and you can see it on the following links (split into parts 1 and 2):


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