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Team Ireland

The Embassy works with a number of Irish state agencies to:

  • Promote Ireland's trade and investment objectives
  • Promote Irish culture, heritage and tradition
  • Maintain and enhance our links with Irish communities abroad

Team Ireland 2016

Working with state agencies in Australia

The Embassy of Ireland in Australia works closely with Irish state agencies to promote trade, tourism and inward investment. The Ambassador chairs the local market team. We can:

  • Support Irish companies who want to find and access new markets and help with resolving commercial difficulties where possible
  • Provide general advice on doing business locally and, through our network of contacts, pursue export and investment opportunities that will benefit Ireland
  • Work to secure market access for Irish products in key sectors in high-growth and emerging markets

Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland are co-located with the Consulate General in Sydney at Ireland House on Market Street in the CBD. Tourism Ireland are located nearby on Pitts Street in the CBD.

Working with the right expertise in relevant state agencies is part of our successful strategy

Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland (EI) is the government organisation responsible for developing and growing Irish enterprises in world markets.

IDA Ireland
Ireland's inward investment promotion agency, IDA Ireland (Industrial Development Agency) is responsible for attracting and developing foreign investment.

Tourism Ireland
Tourism Ireland markets the island of Ireland as a holiday destination overseas. It devises and implements world-class marketing programmes and provides industry partners with opportunities to market their own products and services alongside Tourism Ireland overseas.

Business Networks

We also work closely with Irish Business Networks such as the Irish Australia Chamber of Commerce, the Lansdowne Club, and the Ireland Western Australia Forum to promote Irish business and economic interests through key contacts and business links.

Connecting with our diaspora

Connecting with the Irish diaspora, including those interested in the Irish connection for enhancing business networks or promoting and maintaining Irish culture in their communities, is a major part of our work in supporting the Irish in Australia. We’re committed to recognising the efforts of the Irish Community in Australia by engaging with them both practically and strategically.