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Blood: Not for the faint-hearted

Blood: Not for the Fainthearted

University of Melbourne
1 August - 5 November

As part of its 2016 programme Culture Ireland has partnered with the Science Gallery Dublin to present Blood: Not for the Fainthearted, an exhibition created by Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, containing 20 provocative works by Irish and international artists. 'Blood' will be presented at the University of Melbourne for three months, alongside a complementary season of events and programming.

Blood is central to cultural obsessions with ethnicity, family, patriotism, passion and vampires, but it isn’t all myths, prejudices and fright. Blood has been mentioned in myth, folklore and history since the earliest times and has frequently been incorporated into religious rituals. This exhibition will showcase Irish academics and artists working interdisciplinarily and will provide a compelling platform from which to explore aspects of the cultural and societal history of blood, associations with patriotism and martyrdom, revolution and healing.

The Science Gallery at Trinity College, Dublin – where science and art collide - is a world first. A new type of venue where today's white-hot scientific issues are thrashed out. A place where ideas meet and opinions collide. Since opening in 2008, over 2 million have visited Science Gallery Dublin - ranking it amongst the top five free cultural attractions in Ireland.

University of Melbourne has recently announced the opening of a Science Gallery Melbourne in 2018.